Liability Claims

“What should be done if someone is injured on my property?”

1. Safety
Seek medical attention.  Administer first aid only if qualified.

2. Security
Secure appropriate information regarding the injured party, such as name, address and telephone number.

3. Document
Write down the events that happened while fresh in your mind.  Include as many details as possible, including names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses.  Get photographs if possible.

4. Inform
Inform your local independent agent.  Inform the injured party that the loss will be submitted to the insurance company.

In the event of an after-hours claims emergency, the Claims Department at Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company can be reached directly at 1-800-678-6885 (extension 120). You can also submit a claim via email at


“What should NOT be done if someone is injured on my property?”

1. Responsibility
Do not accept responsibility.

2. Guarantees
Do not make guarantees or promises.

3. Payment
Do not pay medical expenses out of your own pocket.


“What should I do if I get sued?”

Contact your local independent agent or our claims department immediately.